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Stats in Swag and Sorcery dictate the strengths and weaknesses of Characters, Monsters, Weapons, and Armor. Stats governing Characters can be trained at the Training Camp.

Character Stats[edit | edit source]

Icon Stat
Health icon.png Health
Strength icon.png Strength
Agility icon.png Agility
Intelligence icon.png Intelligence
Stamina icon.png Stamina
Vampirism icon.png Vampirism
Physical damage icon.png Physical damage
Fire damage icon.png Fire damage
Nature damage icon.png Nature damage
Ice damage icon.png Ice damage
Dark damage icon.png Dark damage
Critical hit chance icon.png Critical hit chance
Critical damage icon.png Critical damage
Survival icon.png Armor
Fire resistance icon.png Fire resistance
Nature resistance icon.png Nature resistance
Ice resistance icon.png Ice resistance
Dark resistance icon.png Dark resistance