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Crafting any item in Swag and Sorcery requires resources. More resources become available as new locations are unlocked and buildings are upgraded. Some resources must be crafted. At the beginning of the game, resources are only available from Magical Forest.

Tier 1[edit | edit source]

Magical Forest[edit | edit source]

Chestnut Log Copper Ore Elusive Essence Healing Leaves Wolf Pelt
Chestnut log.png
Copper ore.png
Elusive essence.png
Healing leaves.png
Wolf pelt.png

Town - Smithy[edit | edit source]

Copper Ingot
Copper ingot.png
2x Copper ore.png

Town - Hunting Lodge[edit | edit source]

Chestnut Plank Wolf Leather
Chestnut plank.png
Wolf leather icon.png
2x Chestnut log.png 2x Wolf pelt.png

Town - Laboratory[edit | edit source]

Potion of Minor Healing
Potion of minor healing.png
2x Healing leaves.png

Tier 2[edit | edit source]

After the first chapter quest, the Battlefield and Dark Ruins locations open, and new resources become available.

Battlefield[edit | edit source]

Iron Ore Cotton Pine Log Rat Tail Weak Essence Healing Leaves Ghost Tears Ancient Plate Ghoul Claws Dark Skin
Iron ore.png
Pine log.png
Rat tail.png
Weak essence.png
Healing leaves.png
Ghost tears.png
Ancient plate.png
Ghoul claws.png
Dark skin.png

Dark Ruins[edit | edit source]

Iron Ore Cotton Pine Log Infected Flesh Weak Essence Healing Leaves Stone of Regret Ectoplasm Parasitoid Wasp Stinger
Iron ore.png
Pine log.png
Infected flesh.png
Weak essence.png
Healing leaves.png
Stone of regret.png
Parasitoid wasp stinger.png

Town - Smithy[edit | edit source]

Iron Ingot Desecrated Ingot
Iron ingot.png
Desecrated ingot.png
2x Iron ore.png 1x Iron ingot.png
1x Elegant plate.png

Town - Hunting Lodge[edit | edit source]

Dark Leather Stinging Skin Pine plank Sad Plank
Dark leather.png
Stinging skin.png
Pine plank.png
Sad plank.png
2x Dark skin.png 1x Dark leather.png
1x Rotten slice.png
2x Pine log.png 1x Pine plank.png
1x Sorrow stone.png

Town - Laboratory[edit | edit source]

Gray Sting Elegant Plate Rotten Slice Sorrow Stone Potion of Healing
Gray sting.png
Elegant plate.png
Rotten slice.png
Sorrow stone.png
Potion of healing.png
1x Ghoul claws.png
1x Parasitoid wasp stinger.png
1x Ancient plate.png
1x Ectoplasm.png
1x Rat tail.png
1x Infected flesh.png
1x Ghost tears.png
1x Stone of regret.png
2x Weak essence.png
1x Ghost tears.png
2x Healing leaves.png

Town - Magic Store[edit | edit source]

Cotton Fabric Funerary Fabric
Cotton fabric.png
Funerary fabric.png
2x Cotton.png 1x Cotton fabric.png
1x Gray sting.png

After two quests to kill Big Boy and Skull of Knowledge you get access to three more adventures with more resources.

Tier 3[edit | edit source]

Hot Springs[edit | edit source]

Titanium Maple Log Slimy Tongue Powerful Essence Black Bile Solid Root Kirin Horn Morph Skin
Maple log.png
Slimy tongue.png
Powerful essence.png
Black bile.png
Solid root.png
Kirin horn.png
Morph skin.png

Swamp[edit | edit source]

Calico Maple Log Stomach jelly Powerful Essence Sweet Grass Shell Cocoon Magic Chips
Maple log.png
Stomach jelly.png
Powerful essence.png
Sweet grass.png
Magic chips.png

Underground City[edit | edit source]

Calico Titanium Chitin Powerful Essence Sweet Grass Bubbles Morph Skin Secret Reagent Ancient Parchment
Powerful essence.png
Sweet grass.png
Morph skin.png
Secret reagent.png
Ancient parchment.png

Town - Smithy[edit | edit source]

Titanium Ingot Cursed Ingot
Titanium ingot.png
Cursed ingot.png
2x Titanium.png 2x Titanium ingot.png
2x Stomach jelly.png

Town - Hunting Lodge[edit | edit source]

Morph Leather Leather for Disguises Maple Plank Tested Plank
Morph leather.png
Leather for disguises.png
Maple plank.png
Tested plank.png
2x Morph skin.png 2x Morph leather.png
2x Black bile.png
2x Maple log.png 2x Maple plank.png
2x Slimy tongue.png

Town - Laboratory[edit | edit source]

Enveloping Chitin Entangled Slivers Elastic Tongue Legacy of the Past Gall Shell Desecrated Horn
Enveloping chitin.png
Entangled slivers.png
Elastic tongue.png
Legacy of the past.png
Gall shell.png
Desecrated horn.png
1x Ancient parchment.png
1x Secret reagent.png
1x Cocoon.png
1x Magic chips.png
1x Solid root.png
1x Slimy tongue.png
1x Chitin.png
1x Bubbles.png
1x Shell.png
1x Stomach jelly.png
1x Kirin horn.png
1x Black bile.png

Town - Magic Store[edit | edit source]

Calico Fabric All-seeing Fabric
Calico fabric.png
All seeing fabric.png
2x Calico.png 2x Calico fabric.png
2x Chitin.png